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Immerse yourself in the seven vibrant wheels of energy, finding balance and bliss.

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Get everyday fitness and peace with our online sessions

Seven Chakra Healing

Heal your body with our Seven Chakra Healing Meditation

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Get Slim get Fit with our Nutritional Plans and yoga

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Special Sessions during navratri to heal your body

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Take Your Peace to the Next Level

Connect with your chakras, find your balance, and let your energy flow with Satish Sharma's guidance.

Yoga Instructor Level 5 - Ayush Mantralay
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With over two decades of experience in the practice and teaching of yoga, Satish Sharma brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you on your yoga journey.

Experience and Expertise

Satish Sharma brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you on your yoga journey.

Personalized Instruction

Satish is dedicated to providing personalized yoga instruction, tailoring sessions to your individual needs and goals, ensuring a transformative and enriching experience.

Seven Chakra Healing Meditation

Satish Sharma's unique focus on Seven Chakra Healing meditation sets him apart, offering a profound and transformative experience that aligns your energy centers for balance and vitality.

Positive Community

Satish fosters a welcoming environment where everyone, regardless of experience or background, can feel at home on the mat.

Customized Programs

Satish offers a range of programs, from beginner to advanced, ensuring that individuals at all levels can benefit from his teachings.

Results-Driven Approach

Whether you seek stress relief, physical fitness, or spiritual growth, Satish Sharma is dedicated to helping you achieve your yoga and wellness goals.

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